Technological solutions

Valery technologies solutions are largely multi-species and suitable for the needs in all phases of livestock productive life: from breeding to the incubator, from the laboratory to the veterinary clinic.

The proposed systems are adaptable to specific administration requirements: injection, nebulization, scarification, vaccination in the oculus, oral administration, nasal, endo-mammary infusion, etc.

Widespread innovation of the products and processes offered, with particular reference to automation and the possibility of customization regarding:

  • nozzles, injectable volumes, length with characteristics of the extensions, etc.;
  • multi-needle injection;
  • injection or distribution of fluids of different density and type (vaccines, medications, antibiotics, etc.);
  • intradermal or intramuscular injection.

The alternative propulsion to compressed air or electricity is growing in popularity due to the greater freedom of movement offered to the operator.

The needleless solutions to reduce the risk of disease transmission through the needle are of particular contemporary interest.

The Zootechnical species of interest

The range of Valery technologies solutions meets the specific needs of the main species of zootechnical interest: ruminants, pigs, poultry and rabbits.

Specific solutions and accessories are available that optimize use to the physiology, peculiarities of breeding and administration of each species.