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Poultry Trolley 120 l

Mobile trolley supplied in dual version with 120-litre or 50-litre tank, compact and easy to handle, particularly suitable for large and medium-sized systems with wheels apt for handling even in difficult environments. The power supply is ensured by a gel battery that allows adequate autonomy. The operating pressure is adjustable through a special transformer. Two sidebars, which can be reclined for you to shift them around and are adjustable in accordance with the width of corridors, are fitted with nozzles, which vary depending on the type of vaccine, and are adaptable on the vertical axis to the level of the cages. The high efficiency of the pump can guarantee constant flow and pressure up to a maximum of 8 nozzles per bar, ensuring the same flow to each one. The particular shape of the tank and of the distribution system minimises the residual quantity of product at the end of the operation. Each dispenser is equipped with anti-drop in such a manner as to avoid wrong distributions and waste.

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