Mono / Dual Spray Cabin

The spraying cabins have been designed to comply with the specific requirements of those who have to treat day old chicks with spray vaccines. The device offers the essential conditions dictated by total quality combined with an extremely easy application. The appliance is composed by a table with a lid open on three sides. The opening on a side permits to bring in the poultry to be treated in the chamber. The chamber contains spraying nozzles releasing the drug or any other product to administer. The correct distribution of the vaccine on the entire box is ensured by four dispensers equipped with nozzles, with drop sizes appropriate to the different types of vaccines.
The DUAL SPRAY CABIN version combines two distinct distribution systems on the same device, allowing a double vaccination intervention with only one passage of the box. The appliance shall be installed as part of a line in the hatcheries, where the chicks are selected and vaccinated.